This is how much I love my skills?
Digital Marketing Strategy 85%
Good Awards  90%
Media Planning 90%
Videography  98%
Video Editing 90%
Commercial Photography 95%
Copy-writing 60%
Brand Analysis 95%
Brand development strategy 90%
Film-making 98%
Video Marketing 85%
Corporate Relations & Communications 70%
B2B marketing strategy 85%
Innovation brands 90%
YouTube Content Creator 95%
Working Overseas 90%
Teaching Media & Digital Marketing 97%
I’m Essam, and I’m here to solve your branding issues or create your new one. Using my experience in media production and digital marketing.
I’m seeking via art & science to develop many brands around the world, and help a lot of business to growth, using new vision in media, business development, and digital marketing. If you are a business owner, so I can be one of your big muscles in the market.
I’ve started my career 10 years ago, Creating branding for charity organizations, and gathering donations using my adverts, then I’ve moved to the banking industry and high level of corporate relations. during my career path. nothing better than works done, so kindly check my success stories and portfolio.

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4 days ago

Essam Idrees

🔔 تجنب انك تهدر بادجت العميل علي الفاضي الموضوع ده هيأثر عليك انت قبل ماكمان يخسر العميل!
هيخسرك سمعتك ومصدقاية شغلك وهيأثر عليك في انك تكمل في الطريق ده. وهتلاقي اكبر عميل بيكمل شغل معاك شهرين او تلاته علي اقصي تقدير!
خلي المحافظة علي بادجت العميل اللي بيخصصها للاعلانات اول حاجة قدامك! لأنك هتقدر تخليه يضاعف البادجت دي كل فترة. بالنتائج اللي بيوصلها معاك في اول تجربة!

دور علي اللي يساعدك دايماً لو انت في اول طريقك وحافظ علي نتائجك اللي هتضمن استمرارية العميل في مشروعه.

ودايما فكر في بادجت العميل اكنك انت صاحب المشروع وعايز تنجحه!

Avoid wasting your client's budget!
That the first challenge you have to face once you decided to start your career as a digital marketer!
Wasting The client's budget will have a very bad effect on you before your client!
It will make you lose your reputation, your credibility!
And it may make you lose your path in this career!
Saving the client's budget by monitoring the cost per results hourly not just daily! ,
by finding experts to help you!
Ask them and show them your results! Always think about your client's budget as it's your budget!
And the whole project is your project you have to make it succeeded

Essam Idrees | Digital Marketing Director
Warsha .org | One Stop Media Agency

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5 days ago

Essam Idrees

ارجوك ⁦🙏🏼⁩
متعملش الحاجات دي بعد اول كورس!
اسئلة كتير هجوبك عليها هنا!
- بادجت العميل بتروح فين ؟! - محتاج اتعلم ايه تاني ؟! طب هشتغل ازاي ؟ - وامتي افتح شركة ؟
لو لسه بتبدء في مجال الديجيتال ماركتينج -- اتمني ان الفيديو ده يفيدك ان شاء الله

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